Review: Keeping it Simple with the Casio MTP V006D-7B

They say that the key to a successful presentation, is in keeping things simple; the same can be said for watches. Trends come and go, but certain design styles have remained timeless in the face of relentless change. This Casio in particular, embodies that spirit of “simple and classic” done right; a clean white dial with roman numerals and a day/date window. Nothing more, nothing … Continue reading Review: Keeping it Simple with the Casio MTP V006D-7B

Review: Casio “Super Illuminator” MTD-1079

When it comes to watches, Casio is a brand Singaporeans are all familiar with. In fact for most of us, our first proper watch would have been a Casio; and for good reason. They were cheap and durable – difficult for a child to destroy, and easily replaceable if it got lost. I still remember my primary school days, when kids would show off their … Continue reading Review: Casio “Super Illuminator” MTD-1079

Review: “Casio Royale” – Casio AE1200

I’m going to start off by being honest: I haven’t actually watched a Bond film before. *gasp the horror* I know, I know, it’s 2020, you get movies literally with the click of a mouse. I’ll get round to fixing that soon. That being said, the James Bond franchise has become such a cultural presence, that even if you were to live under a rock, … Continue reading Review: “Casio Royale” – Casio AE1200