Review: Keeping it Simple with the Casio MTP V006D-7B

They say that the key to a successful presentation, is in keeping things simple; the same can be said for watches. Trends come and go, but certain design styles have remained timeless in the face of relentless change.

This Casio in particular, embodies that spirit of “simple and classic” done right; a clean white dial with roman numerals and a day/date window. Nothing more, nothing less.

I actually bought this piece sometime ago, back when I was interning as student. I was looking for something more traditional and subtle, something with “professional office vibes”. Looking back, that was a bit silly; I’d readily wear any watch I like to the office now. The MTP V006D-7B did however, fit the bill at an incredible price point and was a no-brainer for me, save for the lack of a more memorable model name. How’d you expect anyone to remember that string of numbers!

The Case & Specifications

Including the crown, the watch comes in at 40mm, a lug-to-lug of roughly 44mm, and a lug width of 20mm. At 9mm thick, the case maintains a slim profile which allows it to easily slip under dress cuffs.

The compact lug-to-lug combined with the smaller case size allows the watch to sit very well on the wrist.

With the accompanying bracelet, the watch weighs in at 93g. The watch remains comfortable to wear even after a whole day.

MTP V006D Caseback

As with most other Casios, the caseback doesn’t feature much aside from some technical specifications. While the caseback is made of stainless steel, the case itself is chrome-plated. Personally, I would have preferred a stainless steel construct throughout, and wouldn’t have minded paying a bit more for it.

While there are no crown guards, the crown is slightly recessed, which offers it some protection and prevents it from being pulled out by accident.

The watch is “water resistant”, which according to Casio’s water resistance guide is suitable for daily usage. I doubt it’s going to be a problem; I don’t see why anyone would be swimming with such a piece anyway. Topping off the watch is a flat, mineral crystal.

The Dial

MTP V006D Dial

The dial adopts a simple, yet effective design. Roman numerals have been chosen for hour markers, with a day date window located at the 3 o’ clock position. Sunday uses a red font while the other days appear in black. The hour and minute hands are baton styled, while the seconds hand tapers in width from the base to the tip, resulting in a sharper end point.

The black numerals and hands contrast well against a clean, white background, resulting in a very legible dial. For me, the combination of the roman numerals and the white dial gives the watch a more elegant, dressy look, allowing it to look more expensive than it actually is.

Casio probably intended for this one to be a dressier piece, so there’s no lume on this one.

The Movement

The watch makes use of Casio Module 1333, which is rated to +/- 20 seconds a month. Battery life is estimated at 2 years.

The Strap

The stock strap is a stainless steel bracelet with a simple folding clasp. The clasp offers 4 micro-adjustments, so finding a fit shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. The strap uses folded links, which is expected for watches at this price point.

While most of the bracelet has a brushed finish, two vertical rows flanking the middle links have a polished finish to add a bit of shine. Note that the bracelet has straight end links; the case design will not allow for curved end links.

I’ve had no comfort issues with the default strap, and it should work for most people.

The Price

Online, the watch goes for roughly $20-$30 before discount. This particular model does go on sale every now and then, so look out for that for more savings!

Styling Options

Red & Black Nylon Strap
Leather Nato
Crocodile Pattern Leather Strap


While lacking a more memorable name, the Casio MTP V006D is a simple package at a price point that won’t even make you break a sweat, no less break your bank. It’s a watch that just does what it’s supposed do, without any gimmicks. While I would have preferred a stainless steel case and better water resistance, you really can’t fault Casio at these prices. If you’re the kind that likes something flashier, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an everyday watch with a dressier vibe yet still keeping it subtle, then this may be the watch you’ve been looking for.

Simple & subtle, the Casio MTP V006D is a watch that does what it’s supposed to: tell time

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